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The Club House Rules. The Do's and Don'ts !!!!!

Club house Rules



​​                        If caught,  you will be escorted out of the building!​!​

  • Absolutely no photos or videos are to be taken at any time with any device!  

                       If caught you will be escorted out of the building!

  • Everyone must sign the acknowledgement when you come in.
  • Absolutely no drugs of any kind are allowed in The Clubhouse. If caught you will be escorted out!
  • This is a BYOB event. No house glassware allowed.

      Please drink responsibly, make sure to have a designated diver. No loud or disruptive behavior.
               The Clubhouse reserves the right at anytime to deny entry and or                                                      remove intoxicated persons!

  • There are 2 quiet areas. BE RESPECTFUL!!

                Very light whispering is allowed but i should never be disruptive         to the scenes or persons!
             Never just "join in", permission must always be asked for and given.
                Clean all areas when done and dispose of trash correctly.

  • No means no and maybe means no. Never touch, spank,fondle,or anything without permission!!
  • Door and Curtains that are closed are for a reason. DO NOT knock, open, or disturb.
  • Please clean up the playrooms when you are done.
  • All single males must attend a meet and greet, be sponsored by a couple, and text 505-750-3977 to come to an event.
  • No playing in the parking lot
  • You must be fully clothed to leave the building
  • If you have any problem or issues please bring them to the attention of the Clubhouse staff immediately
  • Most of all have a Fantastic time!


  The Clubhouse it all about safety, security, and anonymity.  We at no time share any personal or private information with any affiliate.