Yes, it is that time of year, again. First let me say to everyone thank you for your interest in The Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse is always listening to our patrons and we try as best as we can to find ways to make all suggestions, dreams, and fantasies come true. 

This past year and NOW thru COVID-19, The Clubhouse has and is faced with several new situations.  COVID-19 has definitely and is still taking a huge strain on us. 

 As of APRIL 1st, our prices changed.  I know many of you say how can we still say this in light of everything going on?  I know many of you will be upset and I completely understand, but now I ask all of you to see that The clubhouse will not be able to apply for any of the "ball out" bullshit the "government" is offering as there are specific stipulations. 

As the economy changes, as developments happen, as with every single piece part all prices have to fluctuate. Again, The Clubhouse has managed to dodge some of the growing expense that many other business could not, but now well COVID-19.......

Just as with your own homes, utilities go up, land taxes go up, cable bill increases every year, rents go up, all of those items are the same for us with no breaks at all. Unfortunately there is only so long that a business can function this way and we have come to that point.  In order for The Clubhouse to still be able to provide everyone with a safe space, a home away from home, we need to be able to at least pay the bills too. 

Now as many of you might say, it is just way to expensive now.  While we understand that more than ever , Please understand that we are a business.  

Thank you for your understanding.    

Price List

everyone must be a member for the night

Membership Information


Please remember to read The Clubhouse Rules. (click here)


  • ​Discounts to events 
  •  priority preferences​ to Classes and Workshops
  • Private events 
  • and much more to come.
  • Over a years time for a couple, if you attend just 1 event a month you will save $240.00 for that year.

Please see below for Request of Membership and payment option.  

Rsvp Membership Request(please fill out before payment)

This form is for purchased Memberships. If you have questions please use the contact form on the front page.

RSVP must be sent in order to correctly complete membership request!

Once we receive your request form and Payment we will let you know when your card will be ready.   At that time we do have a MEMBERs only form that must be signed for at the time you receive your card. 

You will need your new "PURPLE Card" to receive members pricing.  

 . Your card is proof of your paid membership.  You must present it during each visit. If you do not have your card on hand, replacement cards can be provided for the price of $5.00.

NM Clubhouse

Albuquerque, NM 87109

505-750-3977 or 765-343-4386 (text only)

Pay Pal Info

Additional Information

Ok, so when you click the Pay Pal button ,please remember that it will take you too another page that shows the clubhouse info in the top.  If you have your own Pay Pal account just simply type in your information over " the Clubhouse owner" information.  

If you do not have a pay pal that is fine just scroll sown a little bit and there is an option to pay with debit and or credit, click that area. Any questions or concerns please contact us by email @ clubhouse505@gmail.com or (text/call)505-750-3977 or (text only) 765-343-4386. 


Couple Membership

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This membership will give you a good discount even if you only go once a month


Single Female membership

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This membership will give you a hellva discount even if you only go once a month. 

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