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We here at The Clubhouse firmly believe in safety and security for all of patrons.  In saying that we are holding classes to help all learn more about the wonder alternative life styles.  The Clubhouse is a place for everyone to feel safe and for everyone to be safe and what better way  to ensure safety then to practice, teach, and learn. 

As I am sure many have seen we have already held a flogger class.  Our classes will usually run 2 Sundays a month.  We believe in teaching the proper technique, going over safety, and open communication.  Next, if possible we like to give back and show you how to make some of the items we will teach you about. Again example the floggers shown  were all made by patrons that had participated in the Flogger 101 class. 

The Clubhouse's hope is to get as much knowledge, skill, and understanding out to everyone that may want to try or even may just want to learn about different kinks, or even just to have a place to talk.  Our environment is very open and we love to answer any questions. 

We will also be holding DM (Dungeon Monitor/Master) classes for any and all person interested in learning the skill.  You will have to attend this/these classes if you wish to volunteer at any event!  Look out for more information on this class toward May. 

As dates are more solidified this page will be updated.  ( if there is not enough attendance the class will be moved or canceled)


Hand made floggers by The Clubouse's very own patrons.

Hand made floggers by The Clubouse's very own patrons. 

Class schedule


All classes are being decided upon at this time.

As the dates are solidified this page will be updated!!!

Paddles 101 - this class is to discuss the different types of paddles that are used. We will also discuss proper technique, safety, cleaning, and caring for paddles.  As with all of our classes they will run from 2pm-5pm on Sundays.  TBD

Paddles 102 - this class will be all about making your very own paddle. You will have to attend the paddles 101 in order to attend this class.  Again The Clubhouse is bot safety so we want to make sure you understand how to properly use a paddle before making one.  There will be a fee for this class to cover for the cost of wood/leather.  TBD

Wax 101 - this class will show you the different types of wax.  Yes, trust me there is much to learn when it come to wax and much to understand!! For this class there will be some hands on training, but the hands are either on yourself or should you bring a partner then on both of you.  This will ensure that every one gets a complete understanding of the safety and use of wax and how it truly feels and works.  

Wax 102 - this class as you guessed it, we will learn how to make some of your basic candles. Nothing to fancy but some good fun to be had by all.  there will be a fee to cover the wax and other materials.  

Violet wand/ electricity play-  now this class is a stand alone class as of course we can teach but we cannot make our own equipment for this type of play.  Well not safely at least.  LOL  This class will demonstrate how a violet wand works, how the accessories work, the correct way to use a wand, and of course safety.  

Fire play 101 - Now in this class there will be a ton of safety rules and guidelines, along with some hands on ( yourself or your partner).  We will cover extensively the correct way to use and manipulate fire to ensure that the experience is fun or all.  We will teach the technique and we will certainly teach the what not to do!!  

Fire play 102 - in this class we will teach you how to make the wands used in fire play.  We will  show you the correct materials to use and send you home with a glass and a set of wands, the rest of the material is up to you!  

Another Flogger 101 and flogger 102 will be scheduled this year some time, so keep on checking back to this page to find out when. 



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