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The TRUE Alternative lifestyle venue for EVERYONE!

The TRUE Alternative lifestyle venue for EVERYONE!

The TRUE Alternative lifestyle venue for EVERYONE! The TRUE Alternative lifestyle venue for EVERYONE! The TRUE Alternative lifestyle venue for EVERYONE!

Recurring weekly/monthly Events

Meet and Greets


 Meet and Greets are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday : 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month.  

Announce coming events


 Here are our Karaoke Nights.  Come one out and show us your naughty or nice voice. A wonderful night of singing and playing . 


February 14th


 You survived dinner with the masses! Now it is time to get your grove on.  Come out to The Clubhouse to finish the night off right with our Kinky in Pink play and Kink Event

February 15th


Come on out for infamous Lock and Key event.  All the ladies will get a Lock and all the men will get a key, now you all have to mingle and find out which lock goes with which key.  This is an all time classic game and everyone always has fun.  

February 21st


KARAOKE!!!!! we are once again holding our Karaoke and play event.  Come on out and listen to your friends or hell get up and sign too.  This is always an entertaining night.

February 22nd


 Mardi Gras!!! Oh yes my friends it is that time of yeartime to laugh, be silly and let the beads fly.  The Clubhouse will provide the Beads.  Come early and make sure you get a table. 

February 28th


The Clubhouse is hosting a very special Drag show.  There will be fun, laughs and wonderful performances. Don't forget the ones and good times.  You will not want to miss out on this event. 

February 29th


Come on out to The Clubhouse for a night of laughter and fun. on this rare moment in time.

About Us

Meet the staff


 First and foremost we would like to introduce ourselves.  Here you have your 3 main contacts of this wonderful Venue, Jaz, Joe, and Bryan.  Yes, we have many volunteers and many more wonderful patrons, but ultimately these 3 are The Clubhouse Staff.   Should there be any questions or concerns please let us know!! 

The Clubhouse is a 9600sq.ft. venue truly designed and hand crafted by the ONLY owner himself! Our venue is honestly built to cater to everyone.  We have nothing to hide nor do we use a ton of fancy words or flashy photos.  The owner and staff will always be around at every meet and greet or event to help and answer any questions.  History and time will speak for its self.  Our venue is well established going on 5 years now.  We are a true business and venue for the people.  Many of us spend countless nights building and designing new equipment, or new spaces.  The staff and volunteers take great pride in our venue.  The Clubhouse was built with a passion to  give everyone a space to be themselves!  You will never find anywhere else!  We take everything into consideration at all times and are 100% devoted to the safety, security, and anonymity of all our patrons.  The Clubhouse was built to be a space where friends can come to enjoy each others company and just to be silly adults for at least one night out of the week.  We offer you the venue to escape reality for just one night, take a moment to just be whom every you want to be but most importantly to never be judged or pressured.

 We pride ourselves on being honest to all communities and all aspects of any lifestyle choices.  We at no time will allow or accept anything less from our patrons.  If at anytime there is a question or even the slightest curiosity the staff is always available with an answer and we all have a wealth of knowledge.  Please stop by and see our wonderful home away from home and be welcomed with open arms, big hugs, warm greetings from everyone, and most of all laughs and a good time!!

Cant wait to see everyone and meet all new comers!

On a side note

 Unbeknownst to The Clubhouse Some have been wrongfully notified that there is a ban of certain individuals.  I would like to personal let every one know that unless you have personally spoken to Joe himself there is not a ban of any person.  If you feel that you have been mis notified or given incorrect information please contact Jaz or Joe ,we will and would love to talk with you.  Should any person have any questions what so ever please drop us a line and we will respond. 

The Clubhouse on a National level

Thank you

Thank you to  They are a wonderful site full of information.  They have helped to  put THE CLUBHOUSE on a national list of Alternative lifestyle Venues to visit. Yes that is right The Clubhouse is now well know to all and the ONLY true Venue to visit in NM.  This team speaks with their own words and knowledge of meeting people and visiting our beautiful venue first hand, with no bias.  Please check out their review of The Clubhouse!   Again, this is a wonderful site so please use the link above. 

Contact Us

Drop us a line!

Better yet, come see us in person!


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